161 E 9th Ave, North York York, PA 17404
    Mon - Fri 9AM to 5PM
    Sat 9AM to 4PM

    405 Carlisle Ave, York
    Mon - Fri 10AM to 5PM
    Sat 9AM to 4PM

    HEADS UP to RSY REGULARS and others coming to the 161 E. Ninth Ave home improvement location: There's a crew working on the road which has the main parking area for our store temporarily out of commission . . . however, WE ARE OPEN and you can APPROACH FROM TENTH AVE and park at the back of the store. See you soon! [07.28.14]
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  • Every Purchase Makes a Difference

    As a partner of Bell Socialization Services, proceeds raised through sales at Re-Source York help empower our neighbors to improve their quality of living, including those in Bell's job-training programs at RSY.
  • Mission

    Re-Source York inspires our community by being environmentally and socially responsible.


We try to post specials and “just in” items regularly on our Facebook page, as well as featured blog posts here on our web site, but the best way to check out what’s in our stores is to come on in and look around


Expect to be greeted at Re-Source York by friendly staff and volunteers ready to help direct you to what you’re looking for. Just browsing? Take your time and enjoy your visit with us. Around every corner you’ll discover more of what makes each Re-Source York location a great place to find building and home improvement items at low, low prices.

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Proceeds from sales at both stores benefit the programs of Bell Socialization Services, including its employment training programs.  This means every purchase you make at Re-Source York not only keeps good, usable stuff out of the landfill, it also helps local individuals and families improve their quality of living.

Bell programs help people living with mental illness set recovery goals, improve social and vocational skills, and advocate to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.   Individuals being served by Bell’s intellectual disability programs learn to explore their utmost potential by engaging in activities with quality attention from dedicated caregivers. And hundreds of York County families every year in need of emergency housing supports find safe haven at Bell Family Shelter, where they can access of network of resources to transition back to independent living.

42 Responses

  1. looking for a used tub and wall unit

  2. do you have any rubber roofing?

  3. Kelly, we have a couple soaking/jet tubs right now at the Ninth Avenue store. Feel free to call or stop in.

  4. Hi, Tom,
    Just spoke with the Ninth Avenue store. They do have rubber roofing. It’s around the back of the store; you can measure out what you need. Priced at $1.00 by the longest foot (ex: if piece is 9′ x 12′, it would cost you $12)

  5. Do you have any file cabinets? Looking for a 4 drawer or a 2 drawer with deep drawers at a reasonable price and in good condition.

  6. Amber, we have quite a few file cabinets (two and four-drawer) at the 161 E. Ninth Avenue store. Stop in during business hours (Mon – Fri 9AM to 5PM,
    Sat 9AM to 4PM) or call 852-7574 to get an idea on prices.

  7. Hi, I’m looking for base cabinets to use in the laundry room and a top to go with. I could use matching wall cabinets also.

  8. Kim, we have lots of choices when it comes to cabinets. Since we receive and sell these items on a regular basis,inventory is ever-changing. We look forward to seeing you at the 161 E. Ninth Avenue store in North York to show you what we have and help you find something that will work for your space.

  9. Do you guys have paint and paint supplies

  10. Do u have mason jars

  11. Do you have kitchen counter tops? If so, how much do they cost? Id need about a 8 ft peice

  12. Hi, Cassandra,
    We have a nice selection of kitchen counter tops, in a variety of colors and prices. Please call the E. Ninth Avenue store at 852-7574 and they can give you a price range. As usual, stock changes daily based on what’s coming in and what’s going out, so if you have time, please stop in and take a look.

  13. We sure do, Shawn!

  14. Do you have any wood stoves? Or any electric wood stoves?

  15. No wood stoves, per se, at the moment. We have several natural gas fireplaces and one stunningly beautiful electric fireplace in a cherry mantle. Prices start at $200 and go to $600.

  16. are all you kitchen cabinets at 9th ave store or do you have them at Carlise Ave too? Need base and wall cabinets and countertop as well.

  17. Hello, Kim,
    Yes, all kitchen cabinets are at the E. Ninth Ave store. Selection changes frequently. Thanks for shopping RSY!

  18. Looking for flourecent lights. Do you have any

  19. Do you have any used scaffolding?

  20. Hello, Brandon, I wasn’t sure if you want the fixture, the light bulb, or both, but the answer is Yes!
    We have various size fixtures and bulbs for fluorescent fixtures. If you are just replacing a bulb, take a photo of the current one you use, as the pin size and set up can vary greatly from fixture to fixture.
    Bulbs start at just $1 for a used (but still functioning) straight tube. Fixtures are generally $12 and up. – Nikki, store manager, 161 E. Ninth Avenue.

  21. Hi, Connie, We do not have any scaffolding, at this time. We receive up to 20 donations a day and have had scaffolding in the past, so I imagine we will have it again. It does sell quickly, as our pricing is generally 20% to 60% off of retail. Please call our 9th Avenue store at 852-7574 if you’d like to check in and see if we have any come in! – Nikki, store manager, 161 E. Ninth Avenue.

  22. Do you have any composite decking like Trex? If so, what is the average price?

  23. Hello, Bryan, We do currently have some composite decking at the Ninth Avenue store. It is $2/sq ft for lengths that are up to five inches wide; $3/sq ft for those greater than five inches wide. We have composite railing at $2.50 per running foot. If you have additional questions, please stop in for call us at 717-852-7574.

  24. Do you have any old paneling that is either 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick, (prefer light color) I am going to paint the walls but need to replace a piece first.. Cheryl

  25. Do you have any ceiling tiles looking for larger ones to replace ones in my basement that are old

  26. Anna, we DO have acoustic ceiling tiles . . . in several sizes. They range from $.50 – $1.00 each for used, $2.00 each for new. Posting pix on the site so you can get an idea, but the best way to decide would be to pop in to the 161 E. Ninth Avenue store to see for yourself what will work for your ceiling.

  27. Hi, Cheryl,
    Please give us a call at the 161 E. Ninth Avenue store to see if there is any paneling currently in stock. 717-852-7574. Thanks!

  28. Do you have any kitchen base cabinets?? Thank you

  29. Matt,
    Hi! Yes we do have quite a selection of individual base cabinets at our 161 E.9th Ave. location. If you are looking for a specific finish, please call the store and they can help you with finish, measurement, etc.

  30. Just found out about your place… WOW!

  31. Hi,
    Do you have any Transom windows?

  32. We do have windows that could be used as transoms. If you want to see pictures, please email resourceyorkdirector@gmail.com

  33. Hi I never forgot the great mosaic jewelry boxes you provided instruction for during your Second Saturday classes. Any chance your going to have the classes again or could I come over for instructions?

  34. Any chance you have used pavers for a patio? Need approx. 40 sq Ft, 2-3/4″ thick. Color/shape not critical as I will be extending an existing patio

  35. Kevin,
    We do have pavers but I am not sure if we have 40 square feet of any. Please stop in at 161 E. 9th Ave and look behind the building.

  36. Cindy,
    Thanks for your question. We have new management and we are renovating the interior of the stuff currently and when that is complete, the management will definitely consider it.

  37. Hi! I am looking for some office furniture. A desk, 2 tables and a lateral file cabinet. Do you have any? Do you deliver?


  38. do you have any recliners or swivel rockers in stock

  39. Annie,
    Hi! We have several desks currently at both stores and also lateral filing cabinets at both stores. Please visit us and take a look at what we currently have available and check out our Facebook page and Craigslist. Please do a search using the following “Re-Source York” on Craigslist. It will bring up all of our listings. All of the items in our stores are not listed but some key ones are.

  40. Bob,
    Sorry for the late reply. We have several recliners at Carlisle Ave including two massaging ones. Please stop by and check them out!

  41. Hello, do you still have the two go karts you have listed on craigslist?

  42. Don,
    Hi! Yes we do, they are at the 9th Ave store which is open M-F 9-5 and Saturday 9-4.

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