With winter weather comes the added “bonus” of piles of mucky shoes and boots stacking up inside the door . . . if our beloveds even bother to take off the offending footwear before traipsing all through the house.

Whether you have an “official” mud room or not, there are many clever ways to keep inclement weather-related clutter under control and the mess from messing up the rest of your home.

The Huffington Post’s Stylelist Home recently offered helpful hints for Nine Do It Yourself Projects To Improve Your Home In A Weekend, which includes how to create a mud room. (There’s even a link to a video with some special mud room advice.)

The great news is you can likely find many of the materials you’ll need to bring your project to life with a quick visit to one of our Re-Source York locations. Hooks for coats, boards for the hooks, crates, drawers, furniture to repurpose into handy storage, cute accent chairs, rugs, trays for keys, bins, and more.

Once you’re finished with the mud room, check out some of the other eight projects on the list. PS: We’ve got everything you need – cabinet door, drawer pulls, and paint — to make the next project.  Let us know how yours turns out!

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