This heart-backed chair is part of a lovely vintage dining set that is standing the test of time . . .. just like your love.

Chocolate’s nice, but let’s be honest: once you eat it, it’s gone (well, at least until it shows up on your hips). Roses? Beautiful until they dry up and have to be thrown in the trash.   What kind of symbols are these of the long-lasting, test-of-time love you have with your special someone?

 Who’s to say furniture won’t be the thing to make your sweetie’s heart flutter? Especially if you didn’t have to blow through the vacation fund to make it happen.

Take your original self to one of Re-Source York’s locations this week and choose something that will show your beloved you know how to think outside the box (of chocolates, that is). 

Leather love seat? Matched set of appliances anyone?

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