“Being green” in today’s world pretty much means being mindful of your impact. Taking care of the earth’s resources is important for us and for future generations. Whatever you can do to decrease waste will be helpful. Being green can also help us keep more green in our wallets. As you learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle, it’s likely you’ll also discover that certain joy that comes from being thrifty.

To help you along your path to greener living, Re-Source York offers links to some sites (both virtual and physical) you may wish to check out. Most are local or regional and you’re encouraged to send us your suggestions to add to the list.

ReFindings – York’s Architectural Warehouse | 465 Prospect Street, York PA | 717.854.7152

Lancaster Creative Reuse Center |1865 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster PA, 17602 717.617-2977

Building Character | 342 North Queen Street (rear warehouses), Lancaster, PA | 717.394.7201

Lancaster Habitat ReStore, Lancaster, PA

The Loading Dock | Baltimore, MD

Second Chance | Baltimore, MD

Salvation Army Thrift Store | 1090 Haines Rd, York, PA | 717.840.1300

Good Will | 1120 Roosevelt Ave Ste 1, York, PA | 717.846.5780

Veteran’s Thrift Store | 46 S Pershing Ave, York, PA | 717.846.6035
Junior League of York | 166 W. Market Street, York PA | 717.843.7692
Family Clothes Tree | 4350 Bull Rd, Dover, PA | 717.292.5764
Budget Furniture – three locations in York
Kids Klothes (and more) | 1680 S Queen St, York, PA | 717.854.0606

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